CPRN Homood

Art, Luxury and Sophistication

CPRN Homood is an Italian brand created in Pisa, in the region of Tuscany. Its intent was not just to make simple furniture, but to create complete rooms where people experience life by using beauty and luxury to create unexpected home pleasures.

Strong Italian traditions are strictly applied to form the starting point for contemporary furniture, with a style dominated by simple, clear lines and embellished and made more welcoming due to the use of rare and precious materials. Sofas, chairs, tables, armchairs and beds are all hand-made by master craftsmen who expertly work the highest quality of marble, carve wood, and brush the most precious types of glass and metal to create unique and highly personalised pieces of furniture, depending on client needs.

Art and Design combine to form timeless furnishings, a clear expression of the peculiarities of Italian craftsmanship: the ability to create pieces with impeccable details out of ultra high quality materials. These furnishings demonstrate a concept of simple luxury, never too showy, but clearly able to outfit a room and make it comfortable, sophisticated and unique.

CPRN Homood is part of CIAC Cosmopolitan Home, a company founded in 1977 with the objective of exporting luxury products made by small Italian artisan companies to the rest of the world. At present CIAC promotes a selection of small Italian companies that produce luxury furniture, included Cipriani Homood, and their goal is to expand their exports to over 60 countries.